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Please remember that the Town of Tecumseh’s by-law 2014-60 prohibits smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco and vaping in all public parks, sports fields and outdoor recreation facilities. In addition, the Smoke Free Ontario Act states that you must be 20 metres outside the perimeter of a sports field to smoke. This includes all tobacco and non-tobacco substances. Officers will be regularly patrolling sports fields and fines start at $100.00.


Cool Down & Fair Play Rules

The following are the mandatory rules for all age divisions (effective May 31, 2010).
Cool Down Rule:
After a caution (yellow card) is issued, the player must leave the field of play for a 5 minute cool down period. This player can be substituted and his/her team does not play short.
Fair Play Rule:
After one team is ahead in score by 4 goals, the winning team must remove a player from the field.
After each goal scored by the winning team, a player is removed, to the minimum required for the game to continue (which is 8 players in these age divisions).  A team can never play less than the minimum.
If the losing teams scores a goal and there is no longer a 4 goal lead, then the winning team can place a player back on the field.

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