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Please remember that the Town of Tecumseh’s by-law 2014-60 prohibits smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco and vaping in all public parks, sports fields and outdoor recreation facilities. In addition, the Smoke Free Ontario Act states that you must be 20 metres outside the perimeter of a sports field to smoke. This includes all tobacco and non-tobacco substances. Officers will be regularly patrolling sports fields and fines start at $100.00.


Referee Game Schedules & Attendance

Games will be assigned by the TRSC Referee scheduler and the E2E system.
Trading or giving away games is not permitted.
If you are not able to make a game, inform the scheduler and they will re-assign.
If this procedure is not followed, you will be fined for not attending your assigned game and no pay will be made to anyone not officially scheduled for the game.
Show up 15 minutes prior to your game and sign in, collect your flags and ball and then proceed to field.
Not signing in is considered an absence.
If you are not there to sign in in a timely manner, the game could be re-assigned.
Keep communication open and call if you can't make it or will be late. But don't make this a habit!
Games will be assigned 2 weeks at a time and 2 weeks in advance (except for week 1, the first week, games will be assigned a week before).
Schedules will be posted on the E2E Ref Centre, where you would have to log in. Please place your availability on the E2E Ref Centre.
4-Day Rule:
You have 4 days to respond to a game offering. If you have not responded within 4 days, then the game will be offered to someone else.
E2E FAQ Sheet: [PDF]

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